Is your North Pole pointing to the South Pole?

It has often been proved again and again that in life you will somehow end up getting what you don't want, don't like, don’t deserve, or are desperately trying to avoid. And another ancient proverb has observed that you can have anything in life as long as you don't really need it. No one knows why such wacky things happen with startling regularity. But, believe it or not, they are mysteriously true as you would have observed countless such examples in your own life. For example, on our planet a lot of bad things happen every day. And a lot of good things also happen every day. But the nasty thing is, the bad things happen to good people, and the good things happen to bad people. And in some very rare cases good things do happen to good people, and bad things do happen to bad people. But ignoring such heart-warming examples for the moment, just think of all the cases where no matter what you did or hoped for the exact opposite happened to you. In other words, are you simply attracting the opposite of what you optimistically wish for? To understand what I am talking about let us take a generous number of examples as listed below.  

  • You trust someone fully, but end up getting cheated by that person.

  • You are desperate to keep something a secret, but it gets leaked all over.

  • You try to avoid people, but end up attracting hordes of them.

  • You like someone very much, but that person just hates you.

  • You eagerly await good news, but it turns out to be bad news.

  • You confidently expect to pass in exams, but fail by getting lousy marks.

  • You do good to everyone, but keep getting stabbed in the back.

  • You want to avoid someone today, and they mysteriously bump into you.

  • You pray your teacher does not call you to recite a silly poem or ask for that homework you forgot, and guess what happens next?

  • You strongly believe something is right, but it turns out to be dead wrong.

  • You drive carefully following all the traffic rules, but end up with an accident.

  • If you are the astrology loving kind your lucky number, day or colour does nothing lucky to you.

  • You are naturally good looking, but your photo always looks terrible.

  • You have the best intentions at heart, but only lousy things happen to you.

  • You make the best possible plans, but they keep going up in smoke.

Or the vice versa of everything above. The list can go on and on.

And when such patterns happen with astonishing and unfailing regularity in your life what do you say? Your natural answers would be bad luck or payback time for all your past sins. Call it whatever you like, but think again. Perhaps it is not bad luck or sin at all. Maybe you are just a nature's freak like the character George in the popular Seinfeld TV serial for whom everything goes the opposite of what he wishes for. For those who are not familiar with the serial, George is a fictional TV character for whom nothing goes right in life. Perhaps you are a similar character in the real world constantly attracting the opposite of what you wish for. Or speaking in a lighter sense, maybe your life’s compass is defective and your north pole is actually pointing to the south pole. If you are beginning to get a strong suspicion that you are indeed such a person, then you are not alone. Millions of such defective people have been manufactured and let loose on our planet by Mother Nature, probably because of a defective mould she used. Since there is no manufacturer’s recall to correct the damage, how do you repair yourself and is it possible? It is simple. Just try the following methods and keep your fingers crossed. But remember this is a just a wild goose experiment with no guaranteed results.  

1. Be unoriginal. Confuse your life compass by thinking unconventional. Try to set yourself right by doing the opposite breakaway thinking of what you normally used to do. Examine and investigate your current way of thinking, beliefs and optimism to find out if what you had perceived as right till now is actually wrong.

2. Think like a contrarian. Think reverse of what your normal gut feel, hunches, logic, and past experiences tell you. Whatever you used to normally think, now start thinking the opposite.  It is a tough habit because it requires you to think opposite every time, but you can definitely try. This is necessary because for some people positive things happen when they think positive. For others negative things happen when they think positive. So you need to experiment what works of you because if every instinct you had till now is wrong, then from now on the opposite would have to be right.

3. Go negative to get positive without bothering about how absurd it sounds. Use the wrong way to think and reach the right way. Try reaching your goals by thinking and doing the opposite of what you used to do till now. Become an oxymoron and start going backwards to go forward.  

Finally we can conclude this article with a great quote from G.K.Chesterson who once said, "I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite."

Article Author - Thejendra B.S

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