How to make Windows 7 look like XP

Want to make the messy Windows 7 look like good old XP? Then try the following free third party tools and get back your XP look and feel. With these tools you don't have to unlearn an easy way of doing something and learn an unnecessary complicated way of doing the same thing.

1. Get back the XP Classic Start menu (Use one of the two tools below)


2. Get back the useful ALT-TAB

3. Get a simple explorer instead of the messy Win 7 explorer (Use one of the two tools below)


4. Get the good old Winfile file manager

5. Make the Windows 7 taskbar look like XP

6. Get the XP Classic screen for the desktop

Screen settings to make Win 7 look like XP

7. Make Office 2007 look like Office 2003 (Use one of the two tools below)



8. Alternative media player to replace the messy Windows Media player

9. A simple PDF convertor

10. Get the good old show desktop icon

11: Get Outlook Express equivalent for Windows 7

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