Guide to Poor and Advanced Countries

Poor Countries Advanced Countries
Learn to live with temperamental maidservants who take leave at least twice a month. Learn to do every household chore on your own to avoid being arrested, sued or simply unable to afford any household help
Yell at your maidservant for not washing the plates and utensils properly Decide it is too difficult to learn how to operate the new super duper dish washing machine, and start washing the plates and utensils yourself
Demand that your maidservant sweep the house twice a day Discover the joys of using a sophisticated vacuum cleaner by attending a three-week course on handling and maintenance of vacuum cleaners. Discover the luxury of cleaning your toilets yourself
Inform the laundry man to pick up your dirty clothes at 7 am and return it by 6 pm everyday without fail Self carry a big bag of dirty laundry like a donkey to the nearest self-service, coin operated laundromat a kilometer away. Spend two hours and walk back home poorer
See and talk to your pesky neighbors every second day, have coffee with them, exchange newspapers, get immediate assistance, have fun, etc Have the luxury of seeing an unknown neighbor wave at you every summer
Have unexpected guests and friends drop in suddenly for a cup of coffee or dinner, and have a jolly time Get a three-month advance appointment to visit your friend, brother or mother who stays three floors above your apartment
Get into a rickety auto-rickshaw, bus or hitchhike home when your two wheeler or car is down for servicing Walk home in the miserable cold unable to afford those highly expensive taxis zooming by
Stand on a chair and change a light bulb yourself Pay 75 bucks to an electrician to change a 50 cents light bulb in your apartment, because it is against the state law to change the bulb yourself
Live in strong houses built of cement, bricks and stone Live in a highly inflammable $500,000/- box called home built out of wood, paper and glass, which can catch fire if you sneeze loudly
If you are unfortunate to be poor and starving, beg around and get some food Get arrested and thrown to jail while begging for food on charges of trespassing, stalking, and other crimes against national security
Teach your naughty children a lesson by spanking them for some good behavior Get arrested and have your children taken away by the authorities for trying to teach them some good manners
Learn to live with common mistakes and human errors Sue the roadside coffee shop for serving hot coffee, which accidentally burnt your sensitive tongue
Learn to live with your parents, grand parents & great, great grand parents in the same house for centuries Decide to run away from home on your fourteenth birthday, and send home a greeting card every Christmas to show how much you love your parents
Frown with disgust at the beggars and hawkers who trouble you constantly Get robbed of all your belongings by well-dressed muggers pointing an expensive handgun from their stolen car
Walk 20 meters to buy whatever you need from the nearest convenience store, or buy something from a hawker  right in front of your house Drive 20 kilometers even to buy a pair of shoelaces, take a wrong exit and get lost for hours
Visit the nearest doctor who charges you two dollars  for a complete checkup Pay 100 bucks to a doctor just to say hello and guide you to the nearest hospital that will charge you 3000 bucks for a mandatory complete checkup and prescribe some aspirin
Get angry with your friends, relatives and neighbors who try to help even when you are mildly sick Wish you had at least one enemy to give you a glass of water when you are down with a raging fever

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