Career Choices for Modern Kids

Dear parents, do you spend sleepless nights worrying about where and how your child's future or career is heading? Is your bundle of joy costing you a bundle of money through their tantrums and bad studies? Don't pull your hair by talking to their teachers or reading all those colourful useless books on child psychology. Discover a suitable career for your child yourself. Right now your child could be emitting several subtle and overt hints on what exactly it wants to be when it grows up. Don't make the mistake of pushing your unwilling child to the wrong career and get blamed for it. Just use our easy to use "behaviour mapped career choices guide" to steer your child to do what it really enjoys. Our guide has been prepared through exhaustive research to provide you with several appropriate industries and career choices that can successfully exploit and reward your child's strengths, which you parents mistakenly perceive as its weaknesses. A sneak preview of our revolutionary career guide is published below.

  • If your kid loves mud and dirt, encourage it to become a potter or a civil engineer.

  • If your kid has an affection for guns, sharp objects and dangerous stuff, encourage it to become  an arms dealer.

  • If you kid loves to break, destroy and smash things, coax it to become a building demolition consultant.

  • If you kid does not handle paper and books properly, try nudging it to enter the paper shredding business.

  • If your kid is extremely quiet push it to establish a meditation business.

  • If your child is scared and terrified of everything it can enter risk management and disaster recovery industry.

  • If your child is lazy and refuses to budge, it can become a paid model for sculptors in an art museum.

  • If your child likes throwing stones and objects at everyone with a good hit ratio, then it can become a missile scientist or a political speech disruptor.

  • If your child demands money for everything it can enter any legally permissible extortion businesses like a credit card company, loan recovery agent, tax department, etc.

  • If you child does not sleep well and keeps you awake all night it can become a security guard, light house watchman, call centre employee, night vigil policeman, etc.

  • If you child refuses to eat and still have energy to survive it can become a dietician and start a weight watchers business.

  • If your kid is always yakking away on the phone it can enter the call centre industry or work as a receptionist.

  • If your child can drive parents and teachers nuts then it can become a police interrogator or a hostage negotiator,

  • If our child likes bashing up other kids then boxing, karate, judo or WWF could be an ideal choice.

  • If your kid is grumbling about your cooking it can become a food taster in a restaurant.

  • If your child eats excessively it can become a leftover eliminator in any big restaurant.

  • If your kid is always pulling someone's hair it can become a barber.

  • If your child is extremely talkative encourage it to become a talk show host.

  • If your child can cry at instant notice it can become a weeping actor in a TV sitcom.

  • If your child is a rebel encourage it to become a union leader.

  • If your child is a good liar then sales, marketing, advertising or politics could be a perfect choice. 

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