CRICKET - Handy Excuses for Winning and Losing

When you Win When you Lose
This is a clear example of good teamwork. This team has got what it takes to win. Team? What team? Was there one? Now don’t make me laugh.
This is a perfect example of great leadership by the captain. He has clearly inspired the team to give its best. Well, what exactly was the captain doing? It looks like the team has lost all confidence in his leadership. Maybe he should go into hiding for some time.
Greater, stronger, higher! Has the team become invincible? Have we reached the pinnacle? Are there no more worlds to conquer? Is this the end of the road for the team? Well, this is how kingdoms are lost. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. They should give up their crown and put a wet towel on their head.
This win demonstrates that the team is capable of handling any adversity and hostile opposition. Well, you can’t expect them to perform under such intense pressure. After all every psychologist can tell you that stress can never produce the right results.
This win clearly demonstrates the need for more youngsters in the team. Those youngsters were great. Perhaps the writing on the wall is clear for the old timers. They should make way for youngsters and not stick around like a sore thumb. Well, this is exactly why we need more experienced players in the team. After all you can never win a game with only a bunch of noisy hot headed youngsters. They need mature icons to look upon to.
Team showed maturity and grace in spite of all those controversies. Well, the team needs more lessons on how to lose gracefully. After all it is not right to spit at the opposition team’s captain just because you lost, and not to mention all those fist cuffs on the field.
This win shows what you can achieve with consistent practice, motivation and sheer passion for the game. We played without fear. We have always been saying that the pitch in Antarctica was never conducive for our team. We have always lost on that pitch.
Did you see the runs they scored? Simply unbelievable. A picture perfect win. Well, it was not a complete disaster. After all we did score very well in the first few balls. They are lucky that the fans are not going to tar and feather them.
Wow, what form, what speed, what poise! Did you see the way those fielders were running  ? Well, my 80 year old grandmother can run better than that !!!

About the Author: The author is an authority and expert on cricket, and has played some cricket for a few minutes about 28 years ago until a straight ball on his glasses stopped him from becoming a famous player. But he has seen the famous Melbourne Cricket Stadium from a passing train, and has also seen some famous players (whose names he does not remember) when they were shopping in Bangalore. Besides, he has been a witness to countless arguments and discussions on cricket by his friends, relatives and showroom window cricket viewers. He has also made several halfhearted attempts to learn the various odd terminologies in cricket like silly-point, no-ball, dead-ball, etc. He is in charge of the TV remote in his home and is currently writing a book called “Cricket for Match Fixers”

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