How to be Really Really Different

They just sell their goods for money We give value for money
They use pesky salesmen to harass and sell their wares We push relentlessly to become your business partner
They don't answer their phone in person We have an answering machine, which in turn connects to other answering machines
They don't work hard We are already stretched beyond limits
They sell goods cheap by giving discounts to attract customers We ensure affordability and cost effectiveness
They don't provide service on time We can't be everywhere at the same time
They blatantly cheat customers by refusing refunds for defective products and services The terms and conditions in our fine print disallow refunds
They started their business purely with a selfish ulterior motive of making heaps of money We started our business because we saw a great revenue growth opportunity
Their products are exorbitantly priced We believe quality costs money
They go belly up listening to advice from astrologers and conmen We experiment with several best practices from expensive consultants and B-School professors
They cheat by using personal rapport to get business We use relationship management to retain customers
They are always on leave or something We need a work life balance
They use unfair methods to retain customers We retain customer loyalty by becoming the sole service provider
They fire employees without mercy. We adopt industry standard managed attrition practices to downsize swiftly and objectively
Their salary structures are arbitrary Our salary structures are properly framed by evaluating a variance driven, confusion infected, market messed, component based, subjective driven, budget limited pay scales
They are not consistent in their approach We experiment with various approaches for transforming change
They are always complaining and grumbling We need to air our genuine grievances
They are always thinking of money We get up in the morning with the sole intention of passionately serving customers to increase revenue
They just talk and blabber We need to improve our communication skills
They sell anything and everything We diversify our products and services to sustain our business
They simply increase prices arbitrarily We constantly factor in our operating and overhead costs
They do not employ enough people to fully meet customer satisfaction We have budget and manpower constraints
They are stingy We practice continuously cost saving
They are not a go getter We do not take unnecessary risks
They harass their employees by constantly breathing down their necks We continuously monitor and control employees to achieve our business and financial goals.
They are not flexible We follow rules and rigid processes that cannot be deviated from.
They don't provide good service We are doing the best we can
They don't know when and where to stop We strongly believe in "Sky is the limit."
They always have problems We have challenges.

Article Author - Thejendra B.S

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