Nonfiction ghostwriting by Thejendra Sreenivas

Ghostwriting Non-Fiction Books

If you are looking to enhance your reputation as a knowledgeable leader in a specific field, then authoring a useful book is the first in that direction. Though there are other types of writing like blogging or writing occasional articles for magazines, writing a full length book still remains a gold standard for every leader. But writing a book can be an exhausting job. So, if you want to share your knowledge but don't have the time, energy, or book writing skills, then simply hire me as your ghostwriter and get it written in weeks or months.

TOPICS - Personal Development, Business, Stress Management, Frugality, Workplace Leadership, Technology, Life Skills, Self-Help, Writing, Publishing, etc. If I can research it I can write a colorful book suitable for general readers.


WRITING STYLE - Grammar 2nd Person (you, your, yours). Suitable for easy understanding and speed reading.

SOURCE - Online/Offline research. You can also give material like your own blog, documents, article collections, presentations, etc. I will use them and write a plagiarism free book using my own sentences. You get full copyright once payment clears with no obligation to give me any any credit.

CHARGES - 5 to 6 cents. Short custom orders also accepted.

WHAT YOU CAN DO - Publish under your name, Give it to newsletter subscribers, Educate customers, Allow free download on your website, etc.

Contact me before placing the order. Any queries please contact me on or

What are the costs?

Up to 5000 Words eBook - US$300

Up to 7500 Words eBook - US$450

Up to 10,000 Words eBook - US$600

Timeframes - Two to six weeks depending on material available or provided by you and modifications required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide a sample of your writing?

Yes, send me an email and I will provide a 5000 word eBook sample for your review.

Can you write books shorter than 5000 words?

Yes, it is possible.

Why do you use second person grammar?

Books written in 2nd person will appear as if your book is advising/speaking to the reader. Example - Reading a sentence like, You should take a cup of orange juice when you are stressed, sounds much better to the reader than, I take a cup of orange juice when I am stressed, or they take a cup of orange juice when they are stressed, or some people take a cup of orange juice when they are stressed.

What are the industry charges for Ghostwriting?

The industry ranges from 5 cents to 50 cents per word. The links below provides an overview of the costs

Easy reading is damn hard writing. Nathaniel Hawthorne