How to Enhance Online Reading ( Windows XP)

If you are constantly in front of a computer reading blogs, emails, websites, online documents, etc., it can be unhealthy and painful for your eyes. However, it is possible to change your computer video settings to make your online reading easy. Just change the following settings and your screen and fonts will become much better and pleasant to read. But remember you may need the Windows XP OS CD for some of these changes, and you may need administrator privileges to save settings.  Also ensure that all the necessary service packs, hot fixes and necessary latest drivers are installed on the machine. And also ensure you have a full system backup like an image backup to restore your system back to its original state in case the system crashes.

Note - If you are using Windows 7 click here

Click on Start--Settings---Control Panel--Display. Next click on Appearance--Effects and select Clear Type as shown in the screen.



Next click on Advanced and set the Windows Text to light grey as shown below.


Next set the Desktop to black as shown below


Next set the font to large as below



If this large font setting does not work then go to the settings below

Click on Settings--Advanced and set the DPI to 120% as shown below.


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