Have a Lizard Salad

Somewhere on our planet in some year on some airline

The 'lizard salad' served on a flight proved just too spicy for a startled passenger who is taking the private carrier to court. The airline admitted in a statement that it had launched an inquiry into how the two-inch lizard came to be cooked and served up to passenger. The reputed airline confirmed the incident and said it was looking into the matter.

"On opening my meal packet I was shocked to find a dead baby lizard in the salad. I immediately informed the crewmembers, he said. I insisted that I will bring it back to my city to highlight their negligence in the media," he said. "I am planning to file a case in the consumer court on returning to my home," the passenger told the local newspaper. "This is a gross act of negligence and someone has to be made accountable," he said.

The airline afforded the passenger a VIP treatment on arrival in his destination and a car to take him to his hotel, but he refused to hand over the lizard until he was ready.

Next day at Mr. Passenger's residence

Mrs. Passenger to Mr. Passenger: “What are you searching for so early in the morning?”

Mr. Passenger: “Where is that brown packet that was in my handbag?”

Mrs. Passenger: “You mean the one with the salad in it?”

Mr. Passenger: “Yes, yes. Where is it?.”

Mrs. Passenger: “I took it out.”

Mr. Passenger: “Took it out ??? Give it back. That salad is going to make us rich !!! Heavens, did you throw it out by any chance???”

Mrs. Passenger: “I did not throw it out. As the quantity was not enough, I mixed some more vegetables, some spices and reheated it to serve during dinner last night. Don’t you remember eating it? And you also said it was delicious. You should have brought some more. The kids also loved it.”

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