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When Stock Prices are Going Up

This organization has a brilliant strategy.

It has a charismatic, bold and visionary leader.

It has highly capable employees willing to go that extra mile.

It has a superb culture.

It has a laser like focus on its customers.

It's managers are empowered in a way few rivals can match.

Their customers just love doing business with this company.

Teamwork and collaboration at its best.

If you want to know the secret of business success then do what this company is doing.

A nimble centralized management is the key to growth.

Excellent and detailed processes cover every aspect of the business.

It's authentic leadership inspires its employees to give their best.

They are focused and clear in their diversification strategies.

It's employees are just one happy lot.

The organization runs like a well oiled machine.

Looks like every creative guy and gal on this planet is working here.

This company thrives on change, is congenial and conflict-free.

Happy employees produce happy results.

When Stock Prices are Nose diving

Their strategy was all wrong and cock eyed.

The company wasn't disciplined enough.

The leadership became arrogant and over confident.

The employees became complacent and pampered.

They were resting on their past laurels.

Centralized management was stifling innovation, creating delays and frustrating the customers.

They drifted away from the core and did not focus on what they did best.

It lost its core competency and diversified into areas that it should not have.

It lost the WOW factor.

It didn't shift with market demands.

It didn't change with the times.

It lacked vision and was inward looking.

Each manager was running his own empire with no control, resulting in silos and duplication of efforts.

They were pushing products that were not really good.

The company became change resistant.

There were rumors that the workplace was a cauldron of office politics and bickering.

Inflexible processes and rigid bureaucracy had a stranglehold on the company.

It was a poster child of mismanagement.

The management was scattering its attention and energy by taking on too many things at once.

This is how kingdoms are lost. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

The organization was dysfunctional and disconnected with reality.

They were unable to learn from other companies that failed.

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