The Kindergarten Way to Meditation

There is nobody on this planet who does not have some worries or fears in life. And on an average every normal human will be coping with at least half a dozen worries at any point in time, either imaginary or real. As everyone knows worries can drain your life out as they force you to constantly brood over it, especially if the solutions are not within your reach. However, in our wild wicked world, it is absolutely necessary to calm and cool your mind to prevent your worries from devouring you day and night. Experienced gurus usually suggest meditation as a means to solve or eliminate your worries. However, meditation is not easy for most people. This is because even if you sit still and close your eyes to meditate those worries can still haunt you because they will continue to vividly display inside your brain like a film show. Or if you consciously avoid remembering the troubles, your mind may start wandering around aimlessly. Either way you will find it difficult to do meditate in its pure form, which is to transform yourself into a state of supreme mental calm. However, a simpler form of meditation is still possible using a short easy kindergarten method we are all aware of. Remember as kids all of us would have definitely used rubber erasers to rub out spelling mistakes on our books when we write with a pencil. This kiddy way can also be applied to a special form of meditation that I am going to describe.

Given below is that special method you can use periodically to calm your mind.

While you may not have (or never get) a solution to all your troubles, fortunately, it still possible to eject your troubles out of your mind and spirit temporarily. To begin this, the first step is to find and sit in a quiet place where others will not disturb you. And switch off distractions like TV, mobile, etc. Next make a short mental list of your problems, say about four pressing problems or fears that haunt you. Now close your eyes and start imagining your first major problem. But don't try to solve, brainstorm or get agitated about it. Next visualize an imaginary mental eraser in your mind and vigorously rub that problem out of your mind, just like the way you used to rub out your homework mistakes when you were a kid. For example, if there is a specific person who is the cause of your trouble, just use that mental rubber and rub that person out of your mind. It is like the stunts you see in many star trek or space movies where you can vaporize a person with a futuristic laser gun. Next imagine the second problem and use the same method as above. Gradually vaporize all your problems and wipe your mental slate clean. If a problem reappears vaporize it again. Slowly enter a state of perfect mental vacuum, a tranquility bliss that you can enjoy for a few seconds to begin with.

Soon with practice you can extend that bliss to a couple of minutes and gradually to more minutes. Don't ask any smart questions like how is it possible, how will this goofy method solve my problem, etc. Be illogical in your thinking. Rationality and logic are sometimes our biggest enemies and self tormentors. Remember you are not solving a problem by vaporizing it. The aim of this exercise is to temporarily remove problems from your agitated mind for some time, just like switching off a hot engine to cool down. Eventually your pressing problems will re-invade you, but now you know a method to eject it out of your system whenever you want to. Finally we can conclude this article with a couple of great quotes.

"No, no, you're not thinking; you're just being logical." Niels Bohr

"Letting your mind play is the best way to solve problems." Bill Watterson

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