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Once in a while it is necessary for every tech department to clean up all old IT mess accumulated over the years to make room for new mess. Cleaning the data center and other areas is almost similar to an archeological survey or expeditions conducted by archeologists in seek of ancient priceless artifacts. In fact, during one of our cleaning expeditions in the office, we techies discovered several priceless IT artifacts, documents, mails, etc., used by our ancestors. We have neatly arranged them in a corporate IT museum to display the lives of our ancient IT staff and employees in less automated times, and how the entire organization survived with just ten computers and one dot matrix printer. Entry to our museum is free. Please visit with family and friends.

Exhibit-1: A routine technical services memo on the notice board stating all servers and computers will be down for an indefinite period of time.

Exhibit-2: A skeleton of an unknown end user sitting on a chair still waiting anxiously for a technical rep to come over and repair his PC. A second skeleton discovered inside the data center buried under three hundred ancient spool backup tapes.

Exhibit-3: A two page priceless manuscript created using EDLIN, the ultimate text editor.

Exhibit-4: One PC-XT desktop with a 10 megabyte hard disk still in perfect working condition and one original floppy set of MS-DOS 3.3

Exhibit-5: A stern mail from the IT department warning employees about the dire consequences of sending attachments more than 20 kilobytes in size though email.

Exhibit-6: A broken ceramic pot with some inscriptions on it, which was probably given as a gift for some ancestral IT achievement.

Exhibit-7: A business card of an ancestral CTO who had an uninspiring designation of “Supervisor - Computer Maintenance Department” (Uggg!!!). Several other name boards & organizational charts of the IT department renamed over and over again to show progress. Carbon dating of the boards revealed they are only a few months older than each other.

Exhibit-8: A tomb containing fossilized remains of several business systems proposals, long term IT strategies, etc.

Exhibit-9: Finally a black & white photograph of various techies in a jubilant mood after successfully installing the first Novell Netware server on the seventh attempt.

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