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Assisted Publishing

Hello, writers. Have you written a book but want to avoid those expensive vanity publishers with packages of thousands of dollars per book? Or avoid the complex technicalities of manuscript formatting and publishing yourself? By technicalities I mean MS-Word Formatting, Creating the Paperback/eBook Interiors/Covers, Upload them on Amazon and all Non-Amazon sites, etc.

For new authors all these tasks can be overwhelming and confusing. This is where my easy Assisted Publishing will help. For an Affordable One-Time Fee you can get your book published worldwide and also retain 100% ownership of your Account, Content, Copyright, and Royalty. This means I will publish your book from your* publishing accounts and you will get all royalties directly into your bank account.

How it Works - The complete Publishing Process and Costs for International/Indian Authors is outlined in this YouTube Video.

I will also need the information in the template below to publish your book.

Book Information Template


*Why can't you use your Publishing Account?

There are a few reasons why I don't. First - I am not a commercial publisher. I am just a self-published author coaching other writers to self-publish their own books. Second - Though technically I can publish your book quickly from my own publishing account, the problem is about finance and tax hassles. If I publish your book, then your royalty amounts will first come to my bank account (minus tax). From that amount I have to pay you by retaining my percentage and also maintain your financial paperwork for royalties. Secondly, sending money to you within India or to other countries involves various banking paperwork, commissions, minimum send limits, and annual tax forms. All this will have to be cut from your royalties leaving you with peanuts. Third - You will be always dependent on me, which is neither practical or possible in the long run for both of us.

Instead, if you avail my assisted self publishing services you will have 100% ownership of your account, content, and also get all royalties (30% to 70% from Amazon and others) directly into your bank account without my deductions. Isn't that great?

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