Cricket - It is time to Retire if

  • Doctors who treat your injuries start whispering something to your selectors, who then start staring at you with a worried look from then on.

  • The cricket board wants your suggestion for buying wheelchairs, crutches and other sports injury equipment.

  • The media and book publishers want to know when you will start writing your autobiography.

  • The media cameras seem to focus more and more on your grey hair and the bald patch on your head.

  • Motorbike and sports car manufacturers suddenly start shunning you, while hair dye manufacturers, contact lens and baldness cure clinics start pestering you for advertisements.

  • Your chauffeur not only opens the door for you, but also insists on helping you get in and get out.

  • Your signature bat starts looking like a walking stick.

  • Your hard core fans start applauding and appreciating even when you score the lowest possible runs, while your former fans start burning your effigy.

  • Your fans start sending calcium and vitamin tablets as gifts for your birthday.

  • Your team members start calling you uncle, and make you sit in the shade whenever possible.

  • Your coach insists you wear a sweater and a woolen scarf during early morning practice.

  • Your fastest run seems like slow motion on TV.

  • The cricket board's official painter seeks an appointment for painting a portrait of yours for the cricket museum.

  • Your sports psychologist suddenly starts discussing strange things like midlife crisis, arthritis, Generation-X, etc., with you.

  • You need your selector's permission to say you are under no pressure to retire.

  • Statements like old goat, in spite of his age, imagine-at his age, etc., start appearing in newspapers and TV with startling regularity.

  • Your confidential fitness report is the talk of the town.

Article Author - Thejendra B.S

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