Ooh! - There is no Scientific Evidence

Sometime back I read an interesting news item which stated a scientist somewhere on our tiny planet has actually proved, through a series of experiments, that there is no such thing as luck. In another scientific report some other scientists have proved there is no such thing as God. And in yet another study some other scientists have disproved some other belief, and the number of such scientific reports seem to be increasing. Nowadays it has become a fashion among certain pseudo scientists and rationalists to keep doling out such useless trash periodically and subjecting themselves to ridicule. Nevertheless, such oddball news is good because it helps us to bash these stubborn science and rationalism believers. And the real beauty is nobody cares for such reports in a real sense. For example, even if you print millions of such reports and distribute to millions of people, nobody is going to be truly convinced or take them seriously anyway. Secondly, nobody is going to run home and start practicing atheism, throw away all that is sacred, or stop visiting their favourite places of worship. The problem with certain scientists, atheists and rationalists who argue about such things is that they simply don’t know what they should really know. And that is, science and logic cannot explain everything on this universe. But many overconfident, pseudo scientists and rationalists refuse to believe in the supernatural. This is because, according to them, if science cannot explain something or convince them then it must be absurd or false. They also mistakenly believe that science has a mandatory self crowned right and entitlement to answer every question regarding everything in this universe. Hence they often create a huge racket when something supernatural occurs by loudly shouting, “Oh, there is no scientific evidence.” When scientists or rationalists makes enough noise ordinary people will often join the chorus out of fear of being called superstitious if they disagree. But think again. Is it necessary for everything to have scientific evidence for everything? Not necessarily.

Of course, science is super in many ways and has solved many problems for mankind.  But that does not give it the automatic right to explain or debunk the super natural just because scientists cannot understand it yet. Refusing to believe in the supernatural does not make it a lie. For example, recently the Brazilian government discovered a group of indigenous people that haven't been contacted by the outside world till date. In the pictures available on the internet they are seen throwing arrows at the helicopter that was taking pictures of them. Now with their limited scientific knowledge and primitive lifestyle they could not have imagined the existence of a helicopter, cameras, etc., till they saw it flying over their heads. To them the people in the helicopter were gods or some super natural creatures.  And if the helicopter had dropped food packets or medicines that would become a gift from the gods. Similarly, the modern man needs some mysterious encounter in order to believe in the supernatural. And there are already countless mysterious and super natural encounters that have happened all around us, and will continue to happen.

One has to be aware that science is just one of many yardsticks on our planet, and it is limited in what it can explain. It just confines itself to explaining everything through boundaries of mathematical formulas, chemical reactions, the five human senses, a few physics laws, or what can be seen through some scientific equipments, etc. So if something cannot fall within these limited boundaries and yardsticks then many scientists promptly conclude it as all lies and hogwash. But science is not to be blamed. It is the people who think science is the only yardstick to explain everything who must be blamed. Just like kindergarten students who cannot understand calculus and quantum mechanics till they reach the right age and mental maturity, scientists cannot understand the super natural till they step beyond the limited boundaries of science. Science may somehow explain HOW things work in the universe, but it cannot explain WHY they work that way. For example, science can explain the numerous ways in which death can occur, but it cannot explain what death really is, or what happens to that mysterious force that was present in the body, how it came in, where does it go and so on. Similarly there are dozens of mysterious things like telepathy, dreams, ESP, hypnotism, death, rebirth, ghosts, magic, UFOs, human aura, omens, life on other planets, intuition, ghosts, etc., that mankind still does not understand, or maybe even not entitled to. Irrespective of what atheists may preach, till date nobody has been able to disprove the existence of god or the occurrence of divine miracles. If you really want to see how insignificant we all are, just browse through some photo galleries of the universe, the Hubble telescope photos, the Milky Way and countless other galaxies around earth. There are billions and billions of stars, planets, suns, alien life and unknown things out there that we can never fully understand. We can never explain who created them, why, when, using what and how, unless we believe in a God or a supernatural power. Only a supreme power can create such an infinite entity. We are all very insignificant in the might of the supreme creator and the mysteries beyond science. Hence science should first understand their limitations and accept the fact that Mother Nature guards her secrets very well to keep us curious and puzzled forever. Imagine going through life with the foolish belief that no supernatural things exist around us.

Finally, we can conclude this article with a quote by Dante Gabriel who said, "The worst moment for the atheist is when he is really thankful, and has nobody to thank."

Article Author - Thejendra B.S

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