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Keep Safe Online

Keep Safe Online

The correct way to protect your child online is,

Provide a list of harmful websites and promise candy to avoid those sites.

Install  a parental control software


An anti-virus is,

Unnecessary if you browse internet occasionally and donít download files

Is mandatory for every computer today.



Keep Safe Online

Keep Safe Online

If you receive an email from your bank asking for your userid and password

You should immediately provide it.

Ignore the mail and contact your bank to verify itís authenticity


If you receive a mail from someone wishing to donate five million dollars

You should immediately pounce on that golden opportunity and send the required tiny processing fee.

Delete the mail as it is a nasty scam


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

The true owners of DR & BC in an organization are,

The techies and vendors who babysit the IT network

The business managers and the CEO


Your company can be prepared for DR & BC if you,

Think like a coward to be prepared for disasters in advance

Have brave business managers who can handle any disasters when they strike.



Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Having a proper DR & BC is,

Building a twin of your entire organization

Provide cost-effective and acceptable disaster prevention solutions to each of your critical business functions


The CEO and the Board of directors should,

Take personal, hands-on interest in DR & BC

Should support the initiatives with adequate budgets, commitment and support



Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is the responsibility of,

Of every employee in the organization.

You need not bother if you are not working in the risk department.



Risk management is

Just a marketing gimmick of large companies to increase brand value and popularity

Is a must for every one in todayís chaotic and unpredictable business world.



Green IT

Green IT

Green IT can be easily implemented by,

Paint the data center with green color and install plants around the office

Manufacturing, using and disposing of all IT equipment efficiently with minimal or no impact on the environment.


The goal of Green IT is,

Necessary because green color is good for the eyes

Reduce the use of hazardous materials, maximize energy efficiency, and promote the recyclability or biodegradability of IT products.


Data Protection

Data Protection

Data protection is important because,

Its loss can severely impact or even ruin your company

Is unnecessary because data  corruption or loss is rare nowadays due to advances in technology


Data can be easily recovered if,

If they are stored on reliable servers that have a proper backup and tested recovery options

If each employee stores his/her data in their local drives



Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is,

Cloud computing is a web-based processing where software and information are provided on demand over the Internet.

Yet another marketing gimmick by vendors to fleece customers with cool sounding jargon


Cloud computing should be,

Carefully evaluated to see if it is suitable for your company

Immediately adopted because the latest technology will give you a competitive advantage over competitors




Web 2.0

Cyber Security

Web 2.0 is

Is a bunch of web applications that enable interactive information sharing and collaboration on the Internet.

Is  to enable online users to rave and rant on the internet, upload videos, and clutter the internet with online garbage


Cyber security is necessary because

To prevent cyber security attacks on a companyís computers by hackers

It is cool to implement such technologies because it increases brand value and image of the company




PCI DSS means

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards designed to prevent credit card frauds through increased controls.

Is another conspiracy by credit card companies to fleece customers with additional charges


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