Some Reasons for Self Publishing

Publishers, presses, and bookstores who publish books have packages that charge between Rs 15,000 to Rs 175,000 plus taxes for each book that you want to publish. They will print only 200 to 1000 copies and test sales. You need to pay again for further printing. This is expensive for new authors who may want to write a number of small books. With paid publishing you will never recover the above costs even if every copy sells.

Instead of the above hassles you can learn to self-publish with my low-cost workshops. Self-Publishing is free and is suitable for new authors who want to test the publishing waters. Your book is available in Paperback and all electronic formats worldwide. You can publish any number of books with no rejection, unless you write something illegal or plagiarized. You can publish the book within weeks or months. Royalty ranges from 30% to 70%. Your book will be available online on Amazon and other sites in paperback and all electronic formats, and will never go out of print. 

Article Author - Thejendra B.S

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