Windows 10 - The Pessimist's Guide to What Will Happen Next

Okay, folks, happy days are here again in the technology world. Microsoft is releasing yet another stunning new operating system called Windows 10 in the next few months. Isn't that exciting and exactly what the bored techie world was eagerly waiting for? Analysts and pundits are saying this is a breath of fresh air for the technology world, who were struggling with the limitations of the previous OSes. Now let us quickly make a list of things that will happen as soon as this new OS is shoved down your throat,

1. You will have to unlearn all easy ways of doing something and learn many complicated ways of doing the same thing because that is called progress and innovation. For example, remember that useful feature that was easily available with a right click on the earlier OSes? Well, that was accused of being very simplistic and old fashioned. So Microsoft has now renamed and made it hidden. Now that same feature is available by clicking here on top right, next click here on bottom left, next click here on the center and then pressing the shift key.

2. The new OS will again have tons of groovy features, touch options, customizations, etc., which will appeal to thousands of geeks worldwide who will then painstakingly document them on their blogs for the benefit of the technology world. Just imagine how much effort those hardworking Microsoft engineers must have put in to include those 10,000+ features to make life so easy for you. But 95% of the normal computer users worldwide will again never bother to explore them.

3. Millions of perfectly working computers will again not be compatible with Win 10. So companies will have to again spend tons of money to upgrade their computers to support this new shiny OS with more complicated licensing options. But don't worry, there will be plenty of fantastic corporate discounts for bulk upgrades with a few hidden costs payable in several easy installments.

4. The usual set of stale words that we have been hearing and reading from decades like 21st century, next generation, superior user experience, simplify deployment, reduce complexity, flexible, seamless, excellent ROI, enhanced security, productivity, secure, unified, business and enterprise centric, etc., will again start appearing everywhere.

5. Scary words like vulnerable, no support after December, high risk, security loopholes, etc., will again be used to terrify business decision makers with real and imaginary fears to release massive budgets for new complicated enterprise wide licensing.

6. Hundreds and hundreds of customizable features can result in tech support nightmares with phone calls like, 'Hey, tech support, I just clicked this and something funny happened. Now I don't know how to get back my old screen.'

7. Thousands and thousands of hardware devices will need new drivers to work on Win 10. Thousands of business critical applications and tools will have to be rewritten, customized or upgraded to work on Win 10.

8. Many simple and straightforward features that millions of people were accustomed to will mysteriously disappear in the new OS. So be ready to get a PhD and exhaustive trainings for doing the simplest of tasks. For example, you will have to attend a three day course or read a lengthy book on how to change the wallpaper. But think about the awesome respect you will gain from your co-workers when you tell them that you actually know how to change the background color.

But the greatest advantage of this new OS is it will allow oldie users who are scared of touch screens to still use the keyboard and mouse if they want to. Now if this is not the topmost reason to upgrade then what is?

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, allowing us to do things more quickly and efficiently. But too often it seems to make things harder, leaving us with fifty-button remote controls, digital cameras with hundreds of mysterious features and book-length manuals, and cars with dashboard systems worthy of the space shuttle - James Surowiecki 

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