Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
A Concise Guide for Small Organizations & Busy Executives

(2014 Edition)

Genre:  Technical

Book Description

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR and BC) are often seen by organizations as a costly and complex rocket science that can only be handled by specialists and magicians. Many business owners still live in constant fear and have nagging doubts about how to protect their businesses from various disasters, and who will help. Often, individual businessmen, IT departments and managers of small and medium organizations live under the misconception that such activities are beyond their expertise or affordability, and perhaps applicable only to large organizations.

This excellent self help book clears away such doubts and myths to show you how disaster recovery and business continuity can be successfully implemented with a simple combination of qualified internal staff, vendors, external consultants and plain common sense. The entire book is written in a question and answer format for easy comprehension and speedy reading, and can be read like a story book. The chapters are short and just to the point. The answers to the questions are also concise and rarely exceed one page. Real world examples are used wherever necessary, along with mild doses of humour. Each chapter covers only one specific area of DR and BC, and contains a set of basic and essential questions, which the author tries to explain in simple, jargon-free language.

An essential no-nonsense guide to disaster recovery and business continuity

Review in Professional Security Magazine

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