Practical IT Service Management
A Concise Guide for Small Organizations & Busy Executives

(2014 Edition)

Genre:  Technical

Book Description

Getting to grips with IT service management is crucial for managers as well as technical specialists. It's not enough if you have an up-to-date knowledge of the latest technical stuff. If you want your company to succeed everyone in the IT department must understand how their work is helping the company achieve its business goals. Practical IT Service Management is a concise guide to implementing a professional technical service management structure in your organisation based on the latest international best practice framework, ITIL 2011 (IT Infrastructure Library), the most widely accepted approach to technical service management.
This beginnerís book explains the basics of IT Service Management and its implementation and interpretation in an easy, self-study approach for all technical and business staff in your organisation. The entire book is written in a question and answer format for easy comprehension and speedy reading. Each chapter covers only one specific area of ITSM, and each topic is explained concisely, with very few answers extending beyond a page. Practical and real-life examples with a little bit of humour are used throughout. This excellent self-help book is designed to be a small stepping stone to the official books on ITIL published by OGC.

An essential guide to make sure that IT headaches will not jeopardize your business

Some years back this book was also adopted at the University of Michigan - Dearborn for a course called MIS 526: IT Service Management by a professor named Andrew Urbaczewski.

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