Some Testimonials

Mr. Thejendra Sreenivas is a senior talent with vast exerience touching all corners of life. This reflects in his writings and guiding for budding writers. He has got ample knowledge on online and self publishing process with practical samples from his own publishing - Amresh Kumar

Tej, I loved your website. Your writing is very entertaining and informative. Good luck with all your articles and books. - Jerrye Sumrall - Author of Intruders on Battleship Island and The Secret Graveyard . Visit for details.

Tej: Your web site is great. It is chock full of insights and fun. I love it. - Jeffrey Fox, - Fox & Company, Inc. -  Author of How to Become a CEO and many other books. Click here to see his other fabulous books.

Thejendra, BS has done it again with "wit and wisdom" on his new website. And, that is no bs. - Bobbie O'Neill - Native Unity editor

Thejendra, I checked out your "cave." You are a great writer and thinker. - Mark Goulston, M.D., "The Leading Edge" at Fast Company and author: Get Out of Your Own Way at Work (Perigee) -

Tej, I really enjoyed your website lots of good information in there and also a wider perspective on life. A very good mix indeed! -  Annelise Savill - Publisher, Van Haren Publishing Ltd

Tej - Your site has a nice clean look to it and your article subjects are quite diverse. So I'm sure the site will be of interest to many people. Francine Silverman. - Author of Catskills Alive (second ed) and Long Island Alive.  Editor of book promotion newsletter -